I’ve always had a love of hand tools and below are featured some of my favourites that I would like to share with you. These tools, made in the USA, by Lie-Nielsen Tool works,  are quite simply superb and I say that as someone who has been using hand tools professionally for over thirty five years. The manufacturing quality and designs are exemplary and they are a pleasure to work with , look at and own. They almost look to good to use but I can assure you they are rarely out of my hands and cope easily with a heavy workload. Periodically this page will be updated with other photographs of my tools.
Rip Carcass Saw Bronze Edge Plane Small Scraping Plane Adjustable Mouth Block Plane Bronze Beading Tool Cabinet Maker's Scraper plane Shoulder Planes Tenon Saw Block Planes
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Skew Block Plane with side plate removed for rebate work Web site design by  TÍte de bois
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